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Studio Design

We specialise in the acoustic design of Recording Studios, , Film and TV Post-Production Facilities, Broadcast Facilities and Critical listening spaces

Recording Studios

We have extensive experience in project planning and coordination of  acoustic design of music, drama and voice recording studio. We carry out acoustic commissioning and measurements of commercial and project studio facilities, alike.  We can be part of a team or design the whole project in-house,  produce construction details and M&E design, dealing with all aspects of the project.  Clients include Abbey Road Studios, BBC (various sites), RAI Italia, Jazz FM & Talksport to name a few.

Broadcast Facilities

We have hands on experience in all aspects of acoustic design of and engineering design of all types of Radio and Television, static and mobile broadcast facilities. Our design and specifications are based on the current ITU, ISO and EBU standards. We can undertake the design of all acoustic aspects; in particular acoustic isolation, interior acoustic elements and electro-acoustic systems to the highest industry standards. Our clients include BBC Radio 1 & 2, BBC English Regions, Redbee C4 to name a few.

Film & TV Post Production

We have considerable experience in all matters related to architectural acoustic design and detailing of Film and TV post production facilities based on the latest Dolby and THX specifications. In our usual professional capacity, we are responsible for developing the acoustic design of the project from the scheme stage to acoustic testing at the final commissioning stage.  Clients include 2 Reel, Audis de Joinville Paris, BBC Scotland, Yellow Moon Belfast to name a few. 

Critical Listening Spaces

With the standardization of reference listening rooms such as the ITU-R BS 1116, there are new bench marks being set for reference listening environments. We use several CAD and acoustic modelling systems to predict the acoustic parameters for the design of reference critical spaces. We use industry standard acoustic measurement systems and employing MLS and real time analysers and sound sources for conventional and binaural acoustic measurements.  Clients include Uni of Surrey & Harman Becker to name a few.


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