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Public Spaces 

We have considerable expertise in the acoustic design of public spaces such as buildings for performing arts, educational institutions, cinemas, restaurants, offices, wedding venues and places of worship. Since our formation in 1999, we have acquired technical skills and the expertise in all areas of acoustic design of large and small projects resulting in acoustically excellent buildings within the given budget.

From concept design to acoustic modelling to visual rendering, we have the necessary tools and skills to develop the design of an acoustically challenging space to the highest standards. We work very closely with architects and engineers on the design team and have a very proactive involvement in the design process rather than a reactive role.

Each space has its own acoustic requirement and in many cases the acoustic design requires a very flexible approach to allow several uses in a single venue. For some, variable acoustics means compromised design, resulting in inadequate acoustics. We have had great success in achieving variability by mechanical and electronic means to make the venue well suited for multiple applications. We have worked with leading theatre designers and installer to develop truly flexible spaces capable of providing excellent acoustics.


Schools, colleges and universities are acoustically demanding environments and strict standards now have to be met under the new regulations. Often, budgetary constraints mean that good acoustics is considered a luxury.

We have worked extensively with developers and local authorities and have come up with innovative and economical designs for acoustically critical areas within educational institutions.

​Our design philosophy has always been to strive to achieve the ideal acoustic conditions in any given space, not just to meet regulations.

Likewise, public space such as retail units, restaurants, offices, wedding venues and exhibition spaces require a certain amount of acoustic flexibility while maintaining a good acoustic signature. In this regard, we have achieved great susses in delivering complex project briefs, resulting in establishments and venues with impressive acoustic characteristics.

Unconventional spaces required ingenious solutions. However, to find workable solutions to given situation is not always straightforward. We like to be involved early in the scheme design. The acoustic demands of any building can have a significant effect on its design and cost. We aim to establish the acoustic parameters as early as possible, and to integrate these with the main architectural design.

State of the art electroacoustic systems for artificially changing the acoustic environment of a space are used in many high profile buildings. Such systems often present the best way of meeting the different acoustic requirements of a multi-purpose space. We have acquired unique experience of such systems through our research links and consultancy portfolio. We can advise on their selection, specification, installation and day to day use. We can also design and specify sound systems for public address, music amplification, speech reinforcement and voice evacuation.

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