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Sound Testing PCT 

We are an ANC registered and fully accredited company to carry out ​Pre Completion Sound Tests and Certification for new-build and conversions to comply with Part E of Building Regulations, The Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM assessments.

The New Approved Document E (2003 Edition) was implemented on 1st July 2003 (with an amendment in 2004 & 2010). Its primary objective is to raise the standard of sound insulation in all dwellings to counter the rising level of complaints received about noise transmission. Noise nuisance has a detrimental effect on a homeowner or resident's quality of life so the aim is to improve the sound insulation both between and within dwellings, as well as between rooms in hostels, hotels and residential homes.

Approved Document E sets out the requirements for achieving requisite sound insulation between and within residential dwellings. Minimum requirements are stipulated for new build dwellings, converted dwellings and rooms for residential purposes (such as hotels etc). 


We can recommend suitable floor and wall constructions to achieve the requirements in Approved Document E, and provide guidance on junction details in order to control flanking noise.

Often residential developments will aim to achieve higher sound insulation than the requirements in Approved Document E to achieve Code for Sustainable Home credits. Credits are awarded for a commitment to sound insulation testing and by achieving improved sound insulation between residential units. 

Approved Document E also states that the common, internal parts of residential buildings shall be designed and constructed in such a way as to prevent more reverberation than is reasonable. We can recommend suitable acoustic absorptive materials within common stairwells, corridors and entrance halls/foyers that give access to residential dwellings, in order to control reverberant noise.

Building regulations Part E require that buildings are to be tested prior to completion in order to confirm they meet or exceed Part E standards.

​The person carrying out the building work should arrange for sound insulation testing to be carried out by a test body with approved qualifications and affiliations.

All tests are at the Building Inspectors discretion.

Failure in the test will result in the sound insulation needing to be improved and the construction type re-tested.

Full details on performance requirements and pre-completion testing are explained in Section E0 & E1 of the Approved Document.

Do you need a sound test? ​ Sound Tests are required for:

Buildings where there has been a change of use relating to conversions and refurbishments - Effective from 1st July 2003.

New build houses and flats - Effective from 1st January 2004.

Domestic Extensions.

Approved Document E is split into eight sections. Sections E2 to E8 of the document gives examples of constructions which if built correctly should achieve the sound insulation values set out in Table 1a and Table 1b.

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